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Happy “Sweethearts’ Day!”

15 de fevereiro, 2010

Translated/Adapted from the original in Portuguese.

My husband and I returned from Chile a few days ago, after spending four days in its capital, Santiago. Those were our first real “free” holidays in a number of years—during which we went away without any commitment whatsoever to job, schedules, ministry or family—and we had a very special time together.

One thing that we noticed there is that Chileans celebrate “Sweethearts’ Day” (or Valentine’s Day) on the same date as North Americans celebrate it—on February 14 (in contrast to Brazilians who celebrate the “Dia dos Namorados” on June 12). We thus were surrounded by heart-covered signs and advertisements promoting “el dia de los enamorados” and offering “regalos” of flowers, chocolates, perfumes, electronic gadgets, cards and other objects.

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Joys and Sorrows

9 de abril, 2009

Written on April 8, 2009, the week before Easter.
A lot of things have happened in my family during these past few weeks in which I have not made any posts. There were times when I would think—I want to blog about this. Then responsibilities would become overwhelming, more things would happen and the original inspiration would vanish into thin air.

First of all, we are very happy with the engagement of our daughter on the 21st of March, with

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Setback or blessing?

19 de janeiro, 2009

Last week, we received a long letter from a niece, daughter of my sister, who lives in the USA (for those who are reading me for the first time, I live in São Paulo, Brazil). C… and her two older sisters lived with us for five months each, when they were fifteen or sixteen. Bonds of affection increased during those days, and continue until today, despite the distance. She and our youngest son are approximately the same age (she is a few months older), and she is a sweet, cheery and kind young woman, who just turned 23. This is how I answered:


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We are Grandparents! (3)

9 de janeiro, 2009

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful; my soul knows that right well. —Psalm 139.14

Some days ago, my husband showed me a post on a blog of one of the oft-time contributors to the Revista VEJA (one of Brazil’s major weekly news magazines). The post had been cited in the section called “Blogosfera” (Blogosphere) in the January 07, 2009 edition. Entitling his thoughts as “Trevas” (Shadows or Darkness)—the author bemoans that

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We are Grandparents!(2)

3 de janeiro, 2009

We have reached the end of the first day of our grandson’s life. By way of telephone, Skype and Facebook, we have already heard a description of his birth in Bangladesh, have seen photos with and without his mother, we have heard his cry and we have watched a 45-second video of a baby with wide-open eyes, with his hand under his chin looking like a philosopher (similar to his father that graduated in this field and like his Brazilian Grampa), sneezing, following the movements of his Daddy’s hand, reacting to the tickling of his feet… I am already most certain that my grandson is the cutest and most intelligent baby in the world! I would love to be able to hold him! And to be able to kiss my eldest child on the top of his head as he so tenderly looks at his own firstborn.

I remember his birth in Recife (Brazil), thirty-some years ago. It was an experience so different from that of the women in my country (Canada)

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